Our Services

At EnviroStats Solutions, our focus centers on applying the most suitable and current analyses and visualizations to environmental data. We are well-versed in both traditional statistical methods and Bayesian statistics. Our day-to-day modeling involves a range of techniques:

  • Linear models

  • Generalized linear models

  • Linear mixed effects models

  • Generalized linear mixed effects models

  • Models accommodating zero and one inflated data

  • Classification and regression tree analyses

  • Multivariate analyses, inclusive principal component analysis, linear discriminant analysis, and non-linear multidimensional scaling techniques


  • Evidence syntheses through scoping and systematic reviews using narrative or meta-analyses

In addition to our analytical work, we have ample experience in offering tailored R teaching workshops. These workshops cater to your specific requirements, providing participants with fundamental and advanced training in R, statistics, and data visualization.